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Alexis Feather-Lite Pull-on and Snap-on Pants Reviews

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Alexis pull-on baby pants. Photo credit: granitesmith on Ebay Alexis snap baby pants. Photo credit: turtledream on Photobucket

Style of cover: Side-snap and pull-on diaper pant

Price Range: $1.50 - $5.00

Made by: Alexis Featherlite Company

The Alexis baby pants were very popular until they stopped producing them years ago.

The pull-on style of the Alexis Pants resembles the "rubber" or "plastic" pants of our mothers and grandmothers cloth diapering days.

Alexis snap-on baby pants. Photo credit: megnkatesplace

The snap-on style completely opens up like Velcro® covers do, making them a good alternative if you don't like it Velcro®.

They won't scratch your baby's tummy, they are harder for toddlers to undo, and the gaps between the snaps provide extra air circulation for breathability.

Waterproof, comfortable, high quality nylon, stays soft even after repeated washing and drying.

The comfort-cushioned leg and waistband help to protect your baby's skin.

Newborn (up to 10 lb)
Small (10 to 13 lb)
Medium (13-18 lb)
Large (18-25 lb)
XLarge (25-32 lb)
Toddler size (32-38lb)

Photo credit: Thanks to turtledream and megnkatesplace
All rights reserved

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Alexis Rubber Vinyl Diaper Pants Alexis Rubber Vinyl Diaper Pants Alexis Rubber Vinyl Diaper Pants


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I've been using Chinese Cotton 4x8x4 prefolds purchased from Wee Bees and Earthbaby with an Alexis cover and I love them, so far. -- (Sept 30/99)

As a first time cloth diaper user, I am loving so far (6 weeks) my choice of Alexis snap covers. I am using them with Chinese prefolds, and have had no problems with leaks. At least for this stage, they're great! -- Tracy (PA) (Sept 14/99)

I am currenty using and in love with the Motherease one size and Air-Flow covers. Also use Aristocrat wool soaker, and Alexis cover. I didn't like the Bumkins AIO, All Together Diaper AIO, Nikky covers. Buying upscale cloth diapers can seem like a big expense, But it is worth it! I love passing up the diaper aisle in the store! -- Sheila Bailey (Sept 9/99)

I loved my Alexis Featherlite snap covers for the first few months, until the snaps started to come off (like a previous reviewer noted). The paint is coming off my snaps too. It is a pain to fix the snaps. If they were made with the plastic snaps (like Motherease), I'd buy more. I won't buy them again unless the snaps are improved. -- H. Heveran (Aug 31/99)

I like the cute STP diapers and my new Alexis Snap Pants. -- Jen

I really like the Zippidy's. I have tried Kushies, Sandys, and Bumpkins. The Zippidy's are by far the best fitting. They are more absorbant than Kushies and less bulky than the Sandy's. I use the Alexis snap-on covers and we get no leaks! -- April Flake

The Alexis Featherlites did not fit my skinny-legged baby very well. Also, the snaps did not open and close easily. -- Linda Peirce

Alexis and Noppie snap pants are terrific (they look identical)! They run a bit big, but even with loose leg openings on a thin baby, still make a great cover. My husband voted them his favorite cover, with numerous fancier, more expensive choices.-- Dianna Coldiron

I was thrilled with my Alexis snap pants... at first, but after a few months the snaps began pulling off. Also my latest batch of these have snaps that are all turning black almost like the metal is corroding. The first ones didn't do this. I don't think I would buy them again. It's a pain to have to fix the snaps. -- Susie Lawson

Alexis Featherlite snap pants....for the money, you can't beat them. They hold wetness in well and fit over many types of dipes. They do tend to run a bit large in the legs but for me that was great! -- Kellie Varner

Alexis covers: great price, fit and durable. -- Laura Fletcher

Alexis snap-on covers. These are great. While they do stain easily from bm's, they hold up wonderfully. They are a bit large in the leg openings for babies with thin legs, try going down a size (this worked for my thin-thighed child). If you hang to dry, these will last a long time, even if washed in hot water. -- Laura Bouslaugh

I really like the Kushies Classics. At night I cover them with an Air Rika or an Alexis. -- Kellie Varner

A good diapering combination is the Snuggleup fitted diapers with Velcro® with the Alexis pull on pant. It's the easiest combo for my husband to handle and with newborn breastfed babies the mess is definitely contained. -- Julie Hill

Fitted diapers and Alexis covers work great for me. I find that hand washing the covers makes them last a lot longer and the diapers can be soaked for better cleaning. -- April Flake


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