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Mother-ease Reviews

Mother-Ease One-Size Diaper Mother-Ease One-Size Diaper Cover

The Mother-ease diaper system consists of three components: a fitted cloth diaper, an absorbent liner for additional protection at night or whenever needed, and a breathable, waterproof diaper cover worn over the diaper. The Stretchy Cotton Terry is specially knit with only cotton touching your baby's delicate skin. Polyester is knit into the base of the fabric to provide strength, durability and shrinkage control. The result is a very reliable product. The Stay Dry is a high tech fabric specially knit to quickly wick away moisture. It is very effective, leaving baby's skin dry to the touch.

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Mother-ease diapers fit my little chunky baby very well. They are easy to use. I do have to use the snap in doubler all the time. These diapers are good for daytime use only. I don't really like the covers though. They are a bit puffy. I rotate these diapers with my DSQ which I prefer to use instead. I use Mother-ease diapers around the house only. These diapers just don't hold my heavy wetter :O(
-- Mommy of Four (July 19/01)

I recently switched to cloth for my BIG little boy (22lbs at 5 months! All that breastmilk, it does a body good:). I absolutely adore my Sandy's and my Air Flow snap covers. Both the dipes and the covers are adjustable at the waist and the thighs (much needed for chubby thighs) and they fit great. They are very soft and absorbent; clearly well-made. My Mother-ease AIOs are also excellent (just make sure you wash a couple times in HOT water otherwise they will leak at first). For nighttime, I also really like my Aristocrats Wool Soaker and my Polar Babies Happy Pants. No leaks! I can't believe I waited this long to switch to cloth, it's 100 times better.
-- Jeremy'sMom (March 11, 2001)

Love my Mother-ease one sizes and Sandy's. Nothing else I've purchased so far feels so "indestructable", and I had a peek at some my friend has been using exclusively for 21 months and they looked brand new! I couldn't believe it, for sheer performance I think these win-out. The only drawback is that they aren't as "cute" as some of the others but for the value, I'll adjust. : )
-- Kelly Stewart (June 13, 2000)

Can I add an update? We are still very pleased with the Mother-ease and Woolly Bottoms combination, except that now we use this during the day and for the night we acquired some Bumpy wool covers (we use them over the Mother-ease diapers). These work best when we use some liner inside the diaper (we usually use the Mother-ease ones). They haven't leaked even though our baby uses them about 8 hours during the night.
-- Militza & Mario Valverde (June 10, 2000)

Love Mother-ease, both the covers and the diapers. I've tried several brands and types but found ME the easiest to use, and the nicest against my little one's skin. They are more expensive than other brands, but since I'll be using them for the next 2 1/2 years or so, I felt that I might as well buy something that I really like and find easy to use.
-- Maureen (Mar 27, 2000)

We have been using the Woolly Bottoms wool soakers (with the Mother-ease one-size diapers) for about a month, especially at night, with our newborn and we have been very happy with the results. We have also been using the Nikky wool covers with Chinese prefold diapers, and they have worked well when wet. However, the poop tends to spill into the cover (thankfully the cover does hold it so the clothes don't usually get dirty). We suspect we might be doing something wrong because the spill usually goes to the same side. By the way, the Nikky cotton cover is the cutest, and works well. However, we will probably stay with the Mother-ease diapers and the Woolly Bottoms covers.
-- Militza & Mario Valverde (Mar 13, 2000)

Mother-Ease are THE GREATEST DIAPERS OF ANY KIND EVER!! This is coming from someone who has used just about every kind of every kind of diaper! They hold everything in, and believe me, my baby has large loads to hold in! The covers are cute, and large fitting and the material doesn't get sopping wet. I am going to use them for all of my children. Can't say enough good things about them! I use the one sized diaper and it has saved me so much money as my son grew 20 pounds larger and 13 inches taller in his first year and I'm still using the same diapers, just have had to get new covers. The covers and diapers really wash up well too. THE BEST!
-- A. Skura (Mar 11, 2000)

I didn't like the Motherease bedwetter pants. They would get saggy when wet and droop off DS's bum. There wasn't a thick enough elastic at the waist either.
-- Carie (Feb 29, 2000)

I love the Mother-Ease diaper! They are so soft and absorbent! I wish they were not so expensive. I am now looking for something similar that is more economical! The Mother ease cover works well with their diaper, but not as well with other diapers. I think I'm going to try the Snugglups next. I'll let you know.:)
-- KLZ (Feb 29, 2000)

I love my ME POPS and AIOs, however my favorite AIO is Bumpkins. I like the way it fits much better. I have had no leaks with these or with my Bummi Super Whisper wraps. These are great and durable covers.
-- Becci Dougherty (Feb 20, 2000)

I bought some the one sized Mother-ease diapers recently and am very pleased with them. I can make them very small or very large. I have tried 20 other fitted diapers and none can compare to the Pop. It is superior in every way. The Mother-ease wraps are perfect too and I found that any wrap from any company fits well over the Pops...
QJ diapers are nice too, but I preferred the snap closures on Mother-ease. Plus the Mother-ease diaper is softer and stretchier than any of the others... No, all in all, I could not pay big bucks for any other diaper then the one sized snap Mother-ease diaper.
There was something I liked about a lot of the diapers I sampled, and some I plain out hated with a passion but only one measured up in versatility and usability and that is the Mother-ease diaper.
-- Kathleen (Feb 17, 2000)

I love the Mother-ease one size diapers, but I find their AIRFLOW cover to be real poofy. I like trim fits so the clothes still fits! So I use the Airflow at night and it has been perfect! If you don't mind poofy fits, they work great during the day too! I also like their Ricci wrap (Velcro®) which works great over prefolds or fitted.
-- itsy bitsy mommy (Feb 9, 2000)

Motherese for night FABULOUS and Ebabies DSQ wonderful!!!
-- Theresa (Jan 30, 2000)

I LOVE the Mother-ease One-size diapers! They are really a good buy when you consider the fact that they are adjustable. They are very absorbent and contain runny poop well, too.
-- Michelle B. (Jan 17, 2000)

I really like Mother-ease Popolinos and just purchased the Toddle-Ease size, too. The Popolinos have held up extremely well after repeated washings (I only bought a dozen) and are very absorbent. I plan to use them again when our second baby is born, and will probably buy another dozen so I don't have to wash so often. Once you find a diaper you like, I think it is worth the investment to buy 2 dozen or so. If you are still shopping around, then I would advise just buying a few until you see what works best for you.
-- Meghan Rozema (Jan 12, 2000)

We have tried many different covers and diapering styles. To date, Motherease products have been the best! I don't care for their Velcro® covers but the Pops, Sandys and snap covers are irreplaceable to us! Even my husband raves about them!! The Pop fits my one year old and has been worn at night by my 33 lb three year old. I like the Sandys over the Pops because of the thickness difference.
-- Susie (Jan 11, 2099)

I much prefer Alexis pull or snap ons, Mother Ease Air Flow snaps and Bummi Whisper Pant Pull Ons. Save your money and get DSQ prefolds and pull on covers. In the long run, you'll be much more satisfied and less frustrated.
-- Dahna (Jan 11, 2000)

Motherease are great diapers.
-- Cathleen London (Jan 8, 2000)

Mother-Ease AIO's are generally a good diaper, however the snaps can be a pain after a while. If you're looking for a quick diaper change, this is not the diaper to use.
-- Melanie Munford (Dec 29, 2000)

Mother-Ease Pops and Sandys. Sandys do offer a somewhat better fit, but the fact that Mother-Ease claims that Pops fit to 35lbs has got to be a joke :) My daughter outgrew her Pops at 24lbs and she's not a fat baby :) This to me is basically false advertising. People invest so much money in ME products expecting them to fit for the "duration" of the diapering years, only to be disappointed to find out that when the investment should pay off the most, they don't fit. I'll never buy another one, or suggest them to new parents... they're a waste of money.
-- Carla B. (Nov 13, 1999)

I really like Mother-ease. They hold up really well and the snap cover is great for nighttime, but the Sandy does shrink quit a bit.
-- Caryl Villa (Sept 25, 1999)

We are rather displeased with all of the AIO's we tried. Leaking problems to greater or lesser degree with Kushies Ultra, Kushies Classic, Mother-Ease AIO, and Bumkins in that order from most problematic to least problematic. Waterproof covers aren't really that difficult to deal with. The convenience of AIO's don't warrant the expense in light of the leaking.
-- DiaperDad (Sept 23, 1999)

I regret that I was moderately disappointed with the Mother-ease Sandy's and oval liners. They don't seem to hold as much moisture as the Imse's and my son becomes very cranky when they get even the slightest but wet. They are fine for day use but we don't use them at night.
-- DiaperingDad (Sept 23, 1999)

I am currenty using and in love with the Motherease one size and Air-Flow covers. Also use Aristocrat wool soaker, and Alexis cover. I didn't like the Bumkins AIO, All Together Diaper AIO, Nikky covers. Buying upscale cloth diapers can seem like a big expense, But it is worth it! I love passing up the diaper aisle in the store!
-- Sheila Bailey (Sept 9/99)

I use the Mother-Ease nappies (diapers) with separate Mother-Ease covers. Nappies: FABULOUS (a zillion times better than any other nappy I know - and I sell them for a living). The poppers make them fully adjustable from birth to toilet training, they are comfortable and very snug without being too bulky. I have only ever had two leaks: once when my darling husband put the nappy on, and didn't think to check that the cover covered it completely, and the other time when my son went to bed with a patently inadequate level of extra padding (i.e. none!) by mistake. Poo hardly ever gets past the nappy, but if it does, the cover always catches it. Mind you, I did not find Mother-Ease until after I had finished breastfeeding, when it was all a lot runnier.
-- Morag (Sept 3/99)

MOTHER EASE: I got a sample package from them with a Popolino, a doubler, and an Air Flow cover. The diapers FEEL amazing (really soft) and I think I might try them again sometime, but I think the cover was too big and my baby woke up soaked, even though these are supposed to be the most absorbent diapers on the planet, practically. I'm sure they deserve a second chance sometime, but they cost A LOT, especially compared to the Baby Loves I got instead.
-- Grace Gooding (Aug 7/99)

I just got my ME POPS and Air-Flow covers and am sooo impressed!! My dd is a very heavy wetter and she has not leaked thru once!!! She also keeps saying "soft, mommy soft"... which is her way of saying she likes them!!
-- Kellina A (Jul 29/99)

Mother-ease one size diaper and Sandys are the only ones I would recommend to anyone and I've tried MANY others. They are absorbant and don't leak (they hold four to eight hours of pee easily and runny poops also). The one-size diapers are a real bargain when you consider that they fit for three years and they really work. No extra laundry, no disposables. They are also really sturdy and can be used for more than one baby. I like the snap covers because toddlers can't get them off. I say buy these at about $250, give or take, for a full set (24 one size diapers,24 liners, 5 covers, 2 Sandys for night) and don't waste your money trying anything else. You will recoup your money in 10 months and save money until your baby is potty trained and then save even more with your next child. I bought from Julie's Stuff for the best price I could find.
-- Kimara Morrissey (Jul 25/99)

Sandys - really cute, and really soft - feel like I am putting a cloud on her bottom!
-- Stephanie Fehler (Jul 2/99)

Motherease snap diapers are pricey but excellent and easy to use... If you can spend more, Motherease snap-to-fit diapers are great. 3 snaps adjust to fit baby. They cost more, but you'll have fewer leaks and a wider choice of diaper covers to use. I will NOT use pins, so I only look for Velcro® or pull on covers for diapering.
-- Wendy

My husband's favorite is the ME Pop and AIOs. The AIOs are great for my mother who has arthritis and has trouble with the snaps.
-- Elena Beltran

I've used ME oval liners, and since I haven't tried any other liners, I can't compare, but they did well and were cheap.
-- Myra Perez

Our Mother Ease diapers have performed well for both of my daughters (7 months, and 2 years old). My only problems with these are that they are expensive, and I have some difficulty getting them clean. There is often a lingering smell after washing.

I have to say that the Mother-ease All-in-ones are great too. There are only 3 sizes, but I found that they were sized too small. For instance, my daughter was supposed to be small enough to fit into the Large until she was 30 lbs. She weighed 18 or 19 lbs when she OUT grew them. But as with other cloth diapering products, individual babies have their own shapes and sizes and not everyting that works for me would work for someone else. Besides the sizing factor, they were GREAT. They really worked well. They took FOREVER to dry in the dryer though - 2 cycles in my dryer.
-- Cathleen Oldenburg

I love the ME pops! They are the only diaper that fit my skinny toddler really well. Trim, absorbent and well-made. I like them with the Diaperap wrap, rather than the ME wraps, which give a balloon-y look to her butt.
-- Tammy Collins-Prasol

Covers I Love: Prowraps, Bumpkins, ME Airflows.
-- Robin Smith

All-in-One Diaper: I have had very good luck with these. I mainly use them at night with a doubler. The Motherease all-in-one has to be line dryed, but the snaps make it hard for my son to take them off. I think they are worth the money I paid.
-- Mary Russell

Mother-ease: Loved the entire diapering system. No leaks, excellent absorbancy, fit really well, very sturdy. Only complaint is the price is a bit steep.
-- Laura Fletcher

We love Motherease, although they are expensive. They rarely leak, and hold in all kinds of messes well! Still, if you figure up the price, you're still saving over disposables!
-- Chauna Plank

Biobottoms and Nikki Velcro® wool covers: I just hated the Velcro®. I also couldn't get them to completely cover the Mother-ease diapers or prefolds.
-- Shannon Brousseau

The Bummis Industrials don't work very well for us with Motherease diapers, they tend to wick moisture to the outside, and our little girl ends up with wet clothes.
-- Chauna Plank

We really like the Diaperaps covers. They're inexpensive, locally available, easy to put on, and seem to do a better job at holding the diaper in place than the Prowraps or Motherease. My husband refuses to use pins, so these work for us.
-- Jennifer Hua

Through The Baby Lane catalog I purchased some Mother-ease AIO, One Size and Sandy's diapers and they're thicker than Disana's.
-- Roberta Pretelli

I like the Mother-ease Bedwetter Pants for bigger wetters. They are great for those who just don't like to wear diapers anymore but just can't wake up in the night. I stick a liner under the existing pad.
-- Julie Ann Howard

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