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Nikky Diaper Cover Reviews


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I purchased 6 of the heavy-duty and poly Nikkys covers and found them to be made of great material but poor design. If your baby is small and petite like mine was 6.5 lbs. They won't fit at first. We ended up using disposables until he could fit into the Nikkys 7.5 lbs. They have larger leg holes than those of other brands. They leaked a lot of the time due to the large leg holes. They are expensive and the design is not worth the money. -- Masah (August 16/01)

I am not all that impressed with the Nikky Covers. I used them almost exclusively for my newborn, and had several issues with them. First off, the narrow Velcro® spot was not very effective. I like the larger Velcro® on the 3 month size much better. It really keeps the cover from rolling, and the stability is really much better on the bigger covers. True to the company's promise, they don't leave red marks and are probably pretty comfortable...but the newborn size just aren't so great. What I liked better was the Prowrap covers, even though they're cheap and if put too tight will leave marks. Oh, and the Nikky covers really tear themselves up in the wash...the Velcro® is just too strong, yet not strong enough to not come apart from itself. It winds up getting stuck to the mesh lining and making a real mess. I'm a little happier with the 3 mo sized Nikky covers, but have really fallen for the Bumpy and Imse Vimse covers instead.
-- Anastasia T. (April 26, 2001)

The polyester Nikky's are really nice, they are a little cheaper than the other Nikky's but made just as well. They hold in the moisture better than any of the other Nikky's and seem every bit as comfortable. This is an excellent diaper wrap.
-- Abby Montemayor (Mar 21, 2000)

I love the 100% cotton Nikky's. They seem so comfortable. I live in Texas, where the normal high temp in the summer is the upper 90's to the low 100's, so I was looking for something really breathable. I found it!
-- Abby Montemayor (Mar 21, 2000)

I love the Nikky wool wraps, I've never had a problem with the Velcro® (like some of the other Nikky's). They dry really quickly, even though you can't put them in the dryer. Thus far, they have been 100% waterproof. I have heard, though, that you can't count on them to last through more than one child. Other than the cost of $25.00 a piece, I would recommend them to anyone looking for a really comfortable, breathable cover for your baby.
-- Abby Montemayor (Mar 21, 2000)

I bought the Rainbow diapers from the Natural Baby Catalog and the Nikki diaper covers. I love them. I think they work really well, I've also heard from other people that have used them through two and three children (The Nikki covers) and the Rainbow diapers couldn't be easier, no folding, or pinning, just lay them in a cover, Velcro® it shut, and tuck in the parts hanging out.
-- Abby (Mar 20, 2000)

We have been using the Woolly Bottoms wool soakers (with the Mother-ease one-size diapers) for about a month, especially at night, with our newborn and we have been very happy with the results. We have also been using the Nikky wool covers with Chinese prefold diapers, and they have worked well when wet. However, the poop tends to spill into the cover (thankfully the cover does hold it so the clothes don't usually get dirty). We suspect we might be doing something wrong because the spill usually goes to the same side. By the way, the Nikky cotton cover is the cutest, and works well. However, we will probably stay with the Mother-ease diapers and the Woolly Bottoms covers.
-- Militza & Mario Valverde (Mar 13, 2000)

I prefer the Nikky night pants because they are trimmer, look more like normal underwear and kept their shape even when DS wet heavily.
-- Carie (Feb 29, 2000)

I bought some wool Nikkys from a cyber-friend on a homeschooling board. If she hadn't talked them up so much I'd never have tried them. BOY am I glad I did. I had no idea what I was missing. Baby loves them, too. I really like the soft, stretchy waist and leg bands. I also like that they breathe and aren't plasticky. I use them over night with no problems, and use them all day as much as possible. When they seem wet-ish (haven't had a leak yet!) I've hung them up and tried them again without washing (like a wool soaker.) They still smell fresh. The person I got them from occasionally lanolized them, so I plan to do the same. They are expensive, but you get what you pay for! Everybody ought to have a chance to try at least one of these.
-- Candace M (Feb 21, 2000)

I have tried about half a dozen different diaper covers (not the AIOs) and have found the Nikkys are good in some ways, bad in others. They are soft on the baby's skin, breathable, waterproof and durable. But they are expensive and get dingy really quick. I use Mrs. Stewart's bluing in the laundry to keep them whiter but they always seem a little grey.
-- Christy in Salt Lake City (Jan 31, 2000)

Flannel Snugglups work well for a breastfed baby with runny poops. Had trouble fitting under a Nikky, worked under a Litewrap.
-- Jennifer Burkholder (Dec 9, 1999)

Nikky's poly covers - the best! They fit great with my prefolds and have almost no leaks. I've tried a bunch of other covers and the Nikky's are by far the best fitting. I tried their cotton covers which are good, but get damp and aren't as fast to dry. My 4 month old has had NO diaper rash, so I think they're breathable.
-- Jennifer Burkholder (Dec 9, 1999)

I've found Nikky poly, very breathable they held up better than the cotton ones.
-- Karin Maritow (Nov 30, 1999)

I've also tried the 100% cotton Nikky wrap. Absolutely love it although I can't afford a whole supply of them. They work perfectly with the Softwear diapers and aren't really all that bulky. I'm very pleased with my purchases and highly recommend both products to everyone.
-- Jennifer Moreno (Nov 21, 1999)

Lucky Louis (#4) has had only Nikki wool covers or Polarbabies. They both work great! But, the care for the wool covers was hard for me. The Polarbabies are cheaper, and can be dried over and over with no loss in quality.
-- Judy; Davenport, Ia (Nov 18, 1999)

I liked the Nikky diaper covers at first but as my son grew the Velcro® scratched his tummy and legs. I switched to pins and pull up covers with great results.
-- Cathy McKenzie (Oct 18, 1999)

My favorite was the woolen Nickys.
-- Kris (Oct 13, 1999)

I have one Nikky wrap (cotton terry covered) and it is okay, but it is pretty narrowly cut (I'm using a Super Large, which says 24 mo, on my 14 mo son over fitted diapers and it is just big enough) and there is no place to fold back the Velcro® to when washing. All in all, I prefer the Gerbers and they are less expensive, too.
-- Grace Gooding (Oct 12, 1999)

I also love Nikky covers, I prefer them to all other natural fiber covers (their wool and cotton) although you do have to be gentle when cleaning them to keep them waterproof, but I think it is worth the effort.
-- Jill (Sept 16, 1999)

I am currently using and in love with the Motherease one size and Air-Flow covers. Also use Aristocrat wool soaker, and Alexis cover. I didn't like the Bumkins AIO, All Together Diaper AIO, Nikky covers. Buying up scale cloth diapers can seem like a big expense, But it is worth it! I love passing up the diaper aisle in the store!
-- Sheila Bailey (Sept 9, 1999)

Will report back later once I have tried them all, but I have ordered and/or plan to order and try the following diaper wraps: Nikky wool, Imse Vimse wool and night cotton, Polar Babies, and Wabby cotton. They are all comparable or lower priced than the Biobottoms covers I was seeking to replace for my toddler and soon-to-be newborn which is pricey to begin with, but I believe perform better than some of the other wraps and are therefore worth the investment. They last longer and can be used for subsequent children or loaned out. My experience so far has been very positive with the small, family run companies who sell diaper products. It is a great network of folks who are very responsive to e-mail questions, helpful, prompt, can give honest assessments based on their own experience (i.e. they actually have a toddler!) and carry quality products.
-- Jamie Pehanick (Aug 29, 1999)

I liked wool Nikkys, but they are not at all worth the price. ($29.00 each!!!) The sizes run quite large. They are very good quality, hold up well to washing, and the Velcro® is very sturdy. They are the greatest diaper cover for diaper rash, though. Whenever one of my kids gets one, I switch over to the few I have left, and the rash heals faster than other covers. Also, Weleda makes an amazing Calendula baby oil to help with the diaper rashes! -- Cindy Smith (Aug 19/99)

The Wabby's are great. I have tried them all (Biobottoms, Nikkys, Natural Baby Co., you name it.) I just keep coming back to the Wabby for the best containment and breathability. -- Kristine Emerson (Jul 31/99)

I had problems with Nikki's with the Velcro®. The Velcro® rubbed sores onto my baby's thighs. -- Lena (Jul 12/99)

Nikky wool covers - tend to run small but are trim under clothes and comfortable for baby - no red marks with soft trim and well positioned Velcro®. -- Stephanie Fehler (Jul 2/99)

For prefolds, I think the next best choice is Nikky covers, available in wool. -- Wendy

I love Nikky diaper covers. I have used the 100% cotton and the breathable poly Nikkys. They fit my son very well, no bulkiness. I like the feel of both the cotton and the poly, very soft and comfortable. The legs do not leave red marks and I haven't had any trouble with leakage. They may be a little more expensive than some brands, but I think they are worth it. Also, drying them tends to wear out their waterproofness quicker so I would recommend line drying them even though they say you can dry them in the dryer. -- Deven Hollrigel

Heavy duty poly Nikkis are the second best, next to Cottonbottoms by Biobottoms. -- Krista

DO NOT LIKE: Nikki covers and Dappi Velcro® covers. The Velcro® covers always seemed to wick the moisture out of the diaper and soak the outer cotton. The Velcro® on the covers also would scratch my baby's tummy or legs. Not worth it. -- Tina Olson

Nikky cotton terry cover: nice, soft, not bulky, will fit a small baby. -- Deborah Grace

I love the Nikky heavy duty poly covers. I purchased mine through Babyworks. They are great because I am not the type to do "gentle" laundry. The only drawback is that I find Nikkys to be expensive. However, I wasted a lot of money on cheap covers that leaked and did not hold up well at all. -- Julie Hill

Dislikes - Dappy Velcro®, Gerber Velcro®, Nikky Cotton, Aristocrats (Cheaper NZ Soaker better, IMO) and Diaperwraps... ick -- Jennifer Olson

I love Imse Visme - a lot like Nikkys, but better, IMHO! -- Jennifer Olson

Darla's fit well under both Nikky's and Biobottoms covers.

I was using Nikky's and Biobottoms wool covers and I really liked their softness and water resistance, but the legs came open too much and let solid waste out. Also, maintenance on those covers is pretty labor intensive and complicated. So far, I am extremely pleased with the Polar Babies cover. The Velcro® fastener ... did not come undone like the Biobottoms bikini style or the Nikkys. -- Carrie Wehmeyer

I like the 100% poly Nikky's. The leg gussets are not as generous as with other wraps, but for babies with fat legs (like my daughter) they work out well. I find the poly is extremely durable, and I have never been concerned about air-flo, as my daughter rarely ever gets diaper rash. I use both the heavy duty poly and regular poly covers - I can hardly tell a difference in their water-proof capabilities though. -- Cathleen Oldenburg

Though expensive, Nikkys are my favorite cover. They fit my skinny baby better than any other covers, and don't give that poofy, bulky cloth diaper look that so many covers do. Most important, they're breathable - we've never had diaper rash when using Nikkys, and my baby's skin is always comfortably cool. -- Shawn W. Wilcut

Loved the Nikky's I bought for my first daughter, Nyki. -- Tanya Denton

Not so crazy about the Nikky covers. Although they have a great fit and breathability, find them too expensive and too troublesome to put on a squirmy baby/toddler. -- Laura Fletcher


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