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Diapering Product Reviews - Youth/Adult Diaper Reviews

Youth/Adult Diaper Reviews

These diapers are so thick that they are uncomfortable for my handicapped 5 yr old but amazingly non-absorbant! We did a water volume test to be sure it wasn't a fit problem and the store brand diaper for babies held much more. -- Lisa (February 18/01)

I use Angel FluffComco plastic pants with them and they are the only brand I have found that does the best job of preventing leaks, because they fit snug in the waist and leg openings. So both Angel Fluff and Comco have impeccable products. Angel Fluff also makes baby diapers out of the exact same material as used for adults, so any new mom¹s out there should know they can¹t go wrong with these. -- WC (January 11/01)

Molicare Super diaper - These are probably the best adult product I have ever tested. I have not had a single prbolem as far as comfort or leaking is concerned. I highly recommend these diapers to anyone looking for an alternative. -- Don (Dec 27/00)

Attends by Paper-Pak Products (formerly made by Procter & Gamble) has been very helpful. 1-800-4-attends.
Attends briefs for adults work quit well for me. These are the type with an elastic waistband and 6 tapes. MUCH better than the Depends brand you see everywhere. Attends aren't quit as good as cloth but they are very good for a disposable.
Attends have a much softer lining, and generous absorbant padding. For me, leakage troubles are eliminated by changing when the indicator turns blue and not waiting too long to change.
For night use, I have found that sometimes a diaper doubler is in order. An Attends undergarment (the tapeless type with adhesive strip) placed inside the large brief makes a very absorbant system that will stand up to heavy night wetting. Slit the plastic covering on the smaller undergarment in two or three places before placing inside the brief - this will allow the urine to pass through easily. This system works well but is a little too bulky for daytime use.
Another hint for night use: Wear a good diaper pant over the Attends to prevent any accidental leaks. Sometimes, if you move "just so" a leak can start. This is true for any disposable. -- JohnnyA (Mar 30/00)

Loving Comfort - They make Adult and Baby cloth diapers and are excellent. I am incontinent and find them very absorbent especially for night-time use. They come in 3 different thickness. -- (Nov 20/99)

I've had a problem with incontinence for 14 years and in that time I have tried a lot of different products. Disposables just don't work well enough. Cloth is definitely the best for cost, containment, and comfort and Comco products are the best I've found so far. -- Lee Ebert (Nov 17/99)

Gary vinyl panties are very durable and hold up great under a LOT of washing AND wearing! -- J.S. (Nov 13/99)

Loving Comfort cloth diapers are simply the best! I'm a girl and generic diapers (boys/girls fit all) simply don't fit girls right. We aren't built the same as boys and if I gotta wear them some times, I don't wanna have to look like a boy. Linda made mine to fit me (from my pantie size - girls size 10's) They fit me... are the right absorbency for me (light). And are fun with embroidery (you can see mine on their embroidery page). Thank you so very much for letting me share with others this great product that eases that acknowledges us girls. -- ki*mm*ie (Oct 15/99)

Kins and Indisposable cloth diapers for children and adults are not as good as advertised. They both use polyester as their main absorbent material. Polyester-polyester rayon is not an absorbent material. It is a plastic fiber made from chemical resins. It is a good wicking material but does not absorb anything. It is known as a closed cell material in the medical profession. Meaning it won't absorb liquid. It works great in orthopedic - good because it doesn't absorb sweat. So why is it used in diapers. It's cheap and it mimics absorbent materials by pulling moisture in between the fibres but it doesn't hold it there. Check for yourself. Wet the front of a Kin or Indisposable with water. Hang it on a clothes line by the front. Within minutes the water will start dripping out the bottom. This won't happen with cotton. If cotton didn't cover the diaper you would be able to collect every drop back into the diaper. Also, adult products flat out stink... They are not as shown. I have a 36 inch waist. That is a very popular men's size. Of course it's in between sizes for both companies. I've suffered from incontinence all my life. There is nothing better than cotton for diapers. Some day I'll be able to get real products for people who sit in wheel chairs. Cut wide like infant. And absorbent enough so I can do something I've always wanted to do. Go to a bar or night club and be secure. -- B. Bker (Aug 27/99)

I have problems with enuresis nocturna. As well as problems with the skin, therefore I use washable diapers (prefolded). I have made very good experiences with diapers of the company Angel Fluff (prefolded). -- Bernd Wahlert

I use Attends with waistband and Permadry for daytime with a baby diaper as a soaker pad. I use cloth with plastic pants at night and at home. Cloth is much more comfortable and can handle a lot more soaking before leaking. I can't recommend a particular cloth diaper because the company that provided me with mine went out of business because of a fire. I recommend that you buy larger than needed to allow for shrinkage that will occur when washing in HOT water.
My favorite brand of disposable is called Wings. The problem is they do not distribute directly to the public. So I had to special order them every time I purchased them. I would love a reliable source of this product. -- Jerry Ferro

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