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Can I add an update? We are still very pleased with the Mother-ease and Woolly Bottoms combination, except that now we use this during the day and for the night we acquired some Bumpy wool covers (we use them over the Mother-ease diapers). These work best when we use some liner inside the diaper (we usually use the Mother-ease ones). They haven't leaked even though our baby uses them about 8 hours during the night. -- Militza & Mario Valverde (June 10/00)

I'm in *LOVE* with Imse Vimse diaper covers! They fit the best over prefolds or any fitted diaper, they don't leak, don't scratch my baby's tummy because they have this special SOFT Velcro®, and the prints are cute too! -- itsy bitsy mommy (Feb 9/00)

My favorite diaper covers are Polar Babies and Imse Vimse Bumpy wool covers. Both work very well with pre-folds and are breathable. -- Lisa S. (Jan 30/00)

After trying an even dozen different products from different cloth diaper companies, we have settled on Imse-Vimse's for our overnighting. Our son (7 weeks old) seems quite comfortable in them and they hold an amazing amount of urine. The attached doubler/liner really sucks up the moisture. I secure them with Di-D Klips but my wife prefers to pin them. A high quality cover is a must with these. If you use cheap covers you will be changing a lot of bed clothes. -- DiaperingDad (Sept 23/99)

Will report back later once I have tried them all, but I have ordered and/or plan to order and try the following diaper wraps: Nikky wool, Imse Vimse wool and night cotton, Polar Babies, and Wabby cotton. They are all comparable or lower priced than the Biobottoms covers I was seeking to replace for my toddler and soon-to-be newborn which is pricey to begin with, but I believe perform better than some of the other wraps and are therefore worth the investment. They last longer and can be used for subsequent children or loaned out. My experience so far has been very positive with the small, family run companies who sell diaper products. It is a great network of folks who are very responsive to e-mail questions, helpful, prompt, can give honest assessments based on their own experience (i.e. they actually have a toddler!) and carry quality products. -- Jamie Pehanick (Aug 29/99)

Imse Vimse Bumpy Covers -- These are the greatest covers EVER!! They are soft, leakproof, and sturdy. If I were a baby, I would insist my mama use these!! They last FOREVER and continue to look and wear GREAT! -- Sinead's Mama (Aug 25/99)

Imse Vimse Diapers -- The softest flannel ever! However, not terribly absorbent and the most unusual design. I needed to pin mine (not fun with a moving baby!). Overall, a pretty pathetic diaper! -- Sinead's Mama (Aug 25/99)

Imse Vimse Diaper - Although I had high hopes for this diaper, it just wasn't very absorbent. I suppose with a doubler it would have worked well enough (so would any diaper), but on its own, it just didn't cut it. I felt there was way too much fabric at the "wings" and not enough in the crotch, where it is needed. The flannel used is beautiful and soft, and the diaper is well-made, but I can't imagine using this on a young baby because of its size. The top would be somewhere around the armpits. -- Tammy Collins-Prasol

Bumpy cover(Imse): Love it! Soft, not bulky, fits a small baby, cottony feel, my fav. -- Deborah Grace

I love Imse Visme - a lot like Nikkys, but better, IMHO! -- Jennifer Olson


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