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Kushies/Kooshies Diaper Reviews


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These all in one diapers fit my chubby thighed daughter very well and haven't leaked yet! -- Eve (December 27/02)

Kushies Flushable Diaper Liners: Great liner, sturdy and soft. Recommended for when baby's BMs are a little more solid as they are more narrow than the Gerber liners. -- j.v.c. (June 18/01)

Kooshies Diaper Basics: Very low absorbency (only 2 layers)... would suggest the extra $$ to get the Kooshies Classics (8 layers). Be prepared to use some cloth liners (home-made or purchased) for added absorbency with the Diaper Basics. -- Val Veenstra (May 24/01)

And by the way - I've used a lot of diapers on her, from Indisposables to Kushies and Mee Mees are my favourite fitted diaper. They fit over her enormous, breastfed thighs easily and are as trim as any disposable.
-- Mary-Tim Hare (June 17/00)

I bought a large number of the Kooshies Ultra diapers ($$$) and was extremely disappointed with them. For one thing, they LEAK every time. When my daughter reached the required weight to wear them, they didn't fit well around her legs (too big) or tummy (too small). She was also extremely fussy because her bottom was always clammy. What a horrible experience!!!! We went to disposables and now have a happy baby and a lot of useless Kooshies diapers. My advice to anyone is to only buy a few diapers and try them out. Each baby is shaped differently and Kooshies may work for some but not for us. BTW I will not recommend these to anyone. -- Disappointed Mother (June 16/00)

Just wanted to say that I've decided to sell my package of Kooshie AIO's! I figure there must be a better product out there of the AIO variety. We found the outer material really stiff and not enough material between the legs to prevent leaks effectively. Also, they take FOREVER to dry... started them in the dryer, moved them outside, put them back in the dryer and they were still damp! -- Kelly Stewart (June 13/00)

Kushies Classic is a great diaper -- absorbent, easy to Velcro® on, etc. The Kushies Basic diaper, however, gets rapidly soaked and leaves a lot of moisture next to the babe's skin. Also, the Kushies Basic cover doesn't seem to breathe at all (especially in comparison to Mother-ease covers) but is a great value for it's price. -- Maureen (Mar 27/00)

Kooshies are the WORST! cloth diapers ever as they really leak a lot, and don't seem to hold any urine at all! I was using them when my son was first born. They leaked every single time I used them, and woke him up crying (anything that wakes him up is the worst!). Plus you have to buy different sizes, as they grow up! They wear out in the wash very quickly! -- A. Skura (Mar 11/00)

I have two very messy little boys. The Kushies long-sleeved bibs are the greatest invention ever. No more messy clothes -- especially sleeves! I have given them to friends as gifts and they have thanked me profusely. -- Nancy P. (Feb 1/00)

Kushies: Having TWINS is an expense of its own but the Kushie diapers have saved on the cost of diapering and still keeping me, the mom and probably dad too, sane. Diapering couldn't be easier with this all-in-one diaper, it like a Pamper®, only washable. In our house the Kushie comes highly recommended. -- Valarie K. Smith (Jan 13/00)

Kushies Classic diapers are excellent. They are very absorbent and can be used without a cover during the daytime. You can fold the inner layer in a manner that makes the absorbency even greater for boys or girls. These diapers are easy to use and are cost effective. I would definitely recommend them to any first-time cloth buyer. Almost as easy to use as a disposable. If not easier. -- Melanie Munford (Dec 29/99)

Love Kooshies training pants. -- Amanda Kelly (Nov 22/99)

The Kushies Ultras and Kushies Basics are wonderful! They don't leak, even when my baby is sleeping 10 - 14 hours straight and are really easy to clean. The basic covers are great, too. I like them *so* much, but they were a bit expensive. So, I now carry them at my own e-commerce. -- Summer McFarland (Nov 17/99)

I use Kushies Ultras AIO on my 2 1/2 year old and love them so far (been cloth diapering for 2 months now). The only leaks he has had has been at nap time. Figure it runs out the top if he's laying just right. Otherwise no problems with leaks. I don't use them at night though, I prefer to use a cloth diaper, doublers, and fleece liner with a cover. Haven't had any leaks this way yet.
If you are looking for a trim diaper though, these are rather bulky in my opinion and don't fit under all my son's pants really well. -- Aileen P (Nov 16/99)

Kushies - awesome diaper and has saved used a lot of money, considering we have twins and they have had the flu already. -- Valarie Smith (Nov 12/99)

I find Kushies Classics they fit my long, lean daughter extremely well. They absorb so fast that they have very few leaks and none at all if I use a Bummis Whisper cover. Sometimes I use a liner, especially at night. They are easy to wash and put away. -- Lisa Powell (Oct 17/99)

I have just started using cloth, and am using the Gerber DSQ that BabyJ recommended. They are working great for me! I use them along with the Bumkins wrap cover and I love them! I haven't had one leak--even overnight and with diarrhea! I also use the Kushies flushable liners because you can toss them in the toilet if they are soiled. If they are just wet on, you can actually wash them and lay then out to dry and re-use them, something I find to be very cost-effective. I plan to try the Bumkins all in one next, and can't wait. I will keep using the pre-folds as my foundation, though. -- Kelly Roberts, Ocala, FL (Oct 13/99)

Growing up, I remember my mother swishing out diapers in the toilet and the awful smell of the diaper pail. I'm happy to say that this hasn't been the case at all with the Kushies! The Kushies All-In-Ones are a modern, waterproof diaper, shaped like a disposable. As a Dad, I find Kushies washables as easy to use as disposables, and a lot easier on the wallet! And as long as the liner is tucked in, much fewer leaks than when we used disposables. -- David V. (Oct 1/99)

My favorite cover that's relatively inexpensive is the Kushies wrap. I have 2 very heavy wetters and they RARELY have any wetness on their clothes. Once in a great while (with a SUPER wet diaper), the binding will get moist. I love that they come in only 2 sizes so I don't have to buy as many! -- Karen D (Sept 30/99)

We are rather displeased with all of the AIO's we tried. Leaking problems to greater or lesser degree with Kushies Ultra, Kushies Classic, Mother-Ease AIO, and Bumkins in that order from most problematic to least problematic. Waterproof covers aren't really that difficult to deal with. The convenience of AIO's don't warrant the expense in light of the leaking. -- DiaperDad (Sept 23/99)

I have tried Kooshies Ultra all-in-ones and been disappointed. Whenever my daughter poops, they leak terribly. So, I have started using a diaper cover on top as well. I have also tried the Kooshies Classic. They seem to fit well but are also not very abosorbant. I have to use 2 Kooshies washable liners and a Kooshies diaper cover all the time even though I change my daughter every 2-3 hours during the day. I also do not like the Kooshies diaper covers because they do not breath and the washing instructions are for hand, not machine wash. -- Allison Gatto

As a mom I like the all in one diapers, especially the Kushies. -- Ginny Caldwell

I really like the Kushies Classics. I have not had any leaking problems with them. At night I cover them with an Air Rika or an Alexis. Sometimes you may need to make sure the Velcro® is folded back on itself very well before washing. -- Kellie Varner

Ultra Kushies are absorbent but do not fit my son nearly as well as Bumkins. However, they cost less than Bumkins. I avoid the regular Kushie because it leaks. -- Mary Russell

Kooshies/Kushies Diapers: Not bad. Too bulky, leaked. Covers do not have any breathability at all. -- Laura Fletcher

Kooshie Classics: These are fairly good, easy to use diapers. My biggest complaint is that the Velcro® does not stay in place while washing and the diapers stick together something awful. -- Laura Bouslaugh

I personally love the original Kushies, the Aristocrat diaper cover and the Sandy diapers best. -- Ginny Caldwell

Kooshie's wraps fit well over Pops and I like them. We haven't had any trouble with rashes so far, despite the fact that they do not allow air flow. They dry quickly and are affordable. Only problem is if poop gets on the binding it doesn't come out. -- Barbara Milton

I really like the Zippidy's. I have tried Kushies, Sandys, and Bumpkins. The Zippidy's are by far the best fitting. They are more absorbant than Kushies and less bulky than the Sandy's. -- April Flake

I did NOT like Kooshies brand all-in-ones. They are cotton covered - inside and out, with a waterproof lining. The urine tends to wick from the inside to the outside through the covering layer of cotton! So the leg openings get wet, then if baby is in the diaper for too much longer, the whole outside of the diaper is soaked. Pitiful. This isn't just from a baby not being changed often enough either - sometimes a dry diaper at nap time awakes to a soaked bed at the conclusion of the nap. Terrible! -- Cathleen Oldenburg

The Velcro® on the Kushies AIO is not very strong and my son can take them off. Also the fit is not as good as Bumkins AIO diapers, but they cost less than other brands so I am not too disappointed. -- Mary Russell

I wasn't real thrilled with the Kushies covers. They have a nasty plastic smell that stayed even after washing. Also the Velcro® strip is so narrow that you have to make sure the tabs are stuck just right in order for it to stay stuck. -- Jessie Davenport

I like the Kushies Classics and ALWAYS use it with a diaper wrap or else it gets baby's clothes wet. However, I didn't like the Kushies Ultra. It was cut more narrow in the crotch and therefore tended to leak out the legs. I traded the Ultras shortly after trying them. -- Linda Peirce

I and my neighbor tried different kinds of cloth diapers. We found out that Kushies Classic is the best. The Kushies Ultra works well for my son but she said it leaks for her daughter. We tried Kidco Indisposable, Mother-ease Popolinos. These diapers are not very absorbent as Kushies. -- Omega Schroeder

I used the Kooshies AIOs from birth for about 5 months, but I wasn't keen for the reasons explained below, and ended up using disposables at night and for naps, which rather defeated the object. I only carried on with the Kooshies because they were so expensive and I wasn't working so could handle the mess. My son was breastfed, and all the poo just shot down the legs. Also, the flannelette did not seem to be very absorbent and left his bottom very clammy. They were hopeless for anything longer than two hours (like a long nap or overnight). If that wasn't enough, they were really bulky and took ages to dry. Now that I have discovered Mother-Ease, my son is in heaven and so am I (see my review there). We have only ever had two leaks, and both of those were for explicable reasons. -- Morag (Sept 4/99)

I don't like Kushies AIO diapers. They are not as absorbent as the Bumkins and the Velcro® isn't as strong. -- Cindy in PA (Aug 28/99)

Kushies Classics -- an incredibly, well-made diaper. SUPER absorbent (I use a doubler). I don't even use a cover or wrap with it. Super soft flannel. My whole family loves this diaper and I love knowing that nothing but flannel touches my daughter's bum! I wish I had found these when Sinead was first born. My only complaint about these dipes is that the Velcro® sticks together -- but that is easily remedied. Overall, a terrific dipe. -- Sineadsmama (Aug 25/99)

I wanted to start out with something as close to disposables as possible, so I tried the Bumkins AIO and the Kushies Ultra. Both worked well, but I liked the fit of the Bumkins *much* better. I couldn't seem to get a good fit with the Kushies, but have never had any leaks with it. They are both well-made diapers. -- Larissa (Aug 25/99)

Kushies Ultra AIO - This is a great diaper for an older baby that is not exclusively breastfeeding. I used the Kushies Ultra AIO exclusively with my son for two years. I often added a terry liner to increase their absorbency and he rarely ever had a leak.
As for the odor problem mentioned by other reviewers, I think it is caused by using too harsh of a detergent that damages the waterproof outer lining. We threw in bleach, once, and the diapers were never the same.
I recommend using a gentle detergent, such as Restore The Earth Laundry Soap. The diapers will not start to smell.
I have a newborn baby and tried the AIO on him, however, and it did leak when he had a large BM. I prefer to use an Indisposable diaper with a wrap on a young baby who hasn't started solids. -- Mary, Mom of Two (Jul 8/99)

Hate - Kushies Diaper Wraps, They won't stay on my toddler. Love- the Kooshies Classics and Kooshies Ultra and DSQ prefolds. -- Robin Wilson (Jul 3/99)

Kushies covers - did not work well for my chubby legged daughter - left red marks on her thighs and Velcro® chafed really badly, no matter how I attached it, come change time she would be raw again. -- Stephanie Fehler (Jul 2/99)

Kushies Ultra AIO - I use this diaper on my baby (6 months) and my toddler (3 years). My toddler can undo the Velcro® himself when he has to go potty and I have never had a leak in the morning when they wear them at night. -- Vicki

Kushies Ultra - I just wanted to add that these are excellent for potty training. They come off quick an easily, but contain accidents very well! -- Vicki

I have tried the Kushies Classics, wrap and AIO's. They work wonderful and I don't even use the wrap if we are hanging around the house. -- Toni

Kooshies Classic diapers do not fit properly, and they leak, even with the wraps (which smell really bad) and the washable liners. I am very disappointed with them. -- S. L'Ecuyer

Kushies diaper wraps are not worth the money you pay for them. The Velcro® is weak and scratches my baby. The vinyl is very thick and rubbery--not comfy at all! Bumkins were more expensive but well worth it. -- Mom of two

I absolutely hated Zippidy's. Not absorbant, fell apart in the wash, not worth even the low price. I like my Kushie's Classics much better! -- Jen

I have found that all-in-one diapers are the easiest to use... I bought Kushies Ultras AIOs at about the same time; they still look and work great after a year and a half of use. -- Anne Lee

Kushies Classic diaper: did not like, big for a small baby, kind of squareish (not well contoured)
Kushies Ultra: hated, good for small baby but feels like a stiff rubber tire on the outside. Yuck. -- Deborah Grace

I use the Kushies Ultras and Classics when I am washing my other diapers and they work fine but I get an odor problem with them. Must be the moisture barrier material in them. -- Tina Olson


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