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The Keeper is a natural gum rubber cup that is worn internally during your menstrual cycle, and can even be worn overnight.

The Keeper

Healthier, friendly to the environment, comfortable, convenient, and economical.

The Keeper can hold up to 1 full ounce of menstrual flow. Your entire average monthly flow is about 3 ounces. The Keeper is simple to use. Just empty the cup as required (approximately every 6 to 12 hours), rinse, and reinsert. It is not necessary to remove it for urination or bowel movements. The cup is 2 inches long (not including the stem, which is usually trimmed to about 1/2 inch).

The Healthier Choice
The Keeper is a natural rubber receptacle, that is used to collect your menstrual fluids. It does not absorb or disrupt your natural vaginal acidity or moisture levels, nor does it expose you to chemicals like bleach, glues, and absorbency gels. The Keeper has not been associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome. The Keeper is accepted for sale by both the FDA (1987 United States) and Health & Welfare (1992 Canada). Tens of thousands of women are so satisfied with The Keeper, that most new sales have been because of customer referrals!

Style "A" is for after vaginal childbirth. Otherwise you will order Style "B". It comes in a discrete, convenient, and attractive 100% cotton drawstring pouch. The Keeper has a 3 month money back guarantee.
(Latex-allergic? Check out our DivaCup!)

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