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Household Child-Safety Check-List

Is Your Home Child-Safe?

Born to Love offers these helpful tips on making your home safer for your little one(s):

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Image: Baby Proofing Electric Outlet Plug Protector Caps Kit | Balfer Anti-loose Design |  Fit in the standard sockets | smooth non-grip surface keeps baby from pulling out plugs | prevent accidental electric shock

Electric Outlet Plug Protectors
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   Unused Electric Outlets: Shield them from baby's curious fingers with Safety Plug Covers, Safe Sockets, Switch Locks and/or Outlet Covers.
   Long Electrical Cords: Can trip people. Keep cords as short as possible. Long cords should be made safer with Cord Short'ners and/or Cord Holders.
   All Electrical Cords: Must be kept well hidden and away from travelled areas, doorways or passageways. Use Cord Holders to fasten against the wall.
   Furniture: Especially small pieces, should be arranged with baby's safety in mind.
   Worn Rugs or Frayed Carpet Edges: Need to be repaired. Curling edges should be fastened down with carpet tape or Velcro® Buttons.
   All Small Rugs: Require non-skid backings.
   Glass Doors: Apply decals or decorations to make them easy to see, so family and guests will not mistake them for open doors. Use Sliding Door Locks to keep you child safely inside.
   Window Blinds: Keep dangerous dangling window blind cords out of reach with Cord Wind-Ups.
   Windows: Keep your children safely inside, or from hurting fingers from falling windows with Window Locks.
   VCR: Child-proof your DVR/VCR with a DVR/VCR Lock or VCR Guard.
   Sharp Edges on Furniture: Should be covered with Corner Cushions.
   Cabinets: Secure them with Velcro® Quik Locks, or Cabinet and Door Locks.
   Toys, Books and Magazines: Keep them picked up.


Image: Getrend Adjustable Child Safety Locks | Easy to Install (No Drilling) | Baby Proof Latches For Cabinet Door, Drawer, Oven, Toilet Seat, Refrigerator

Adjustable Child Safety Locks
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   Lights: Stairs should be kept well lighted with switches at both top and bottom. Use a Light Switch Extender to make it easy for your child to reach.
   Sturdy Handrails: A must for all steps and stairs.
   Treads, Risers and Carpeting: Keep in good repair. No torn coverings or nails sticking out to jab a foot.
   Storage: Nothing should be stored on the stairways, even temporarily. AVOID CLUTTER of any kind on stairs.


   A Lamp: Should be placed well within reach of the parent's bed. Place out of reach in a baby's bedroom.
   Clothing and Shoes: Hang up clothing and keep shoes on a shoe rack - not beside the bed.
   Night Lights: Place an Auto-Sensor Night Light in rooms of children or elderly.
   Toys, Games and Books: Should be kept in their proper places.
   Exits and Passageways: Must be kept clear of furniture, boxes or other obstructions.
   Rugs: Require non-skid backings.
   Electrical Outlets: Cover all outlets with Safety Plug Covers, Safe Sockets, Switch Locks and Outlet Covers.
   Diaper Pails: Use a locking diaper pail. Do not soak diapers in liquid, in baby's room.

Image: MiniOwls BATHTUB SPOUT COVER - SAFETY GUARD | Blue Whale that Fits Most of Faucets | Will PROTECT Babies and Kids from bumps and bruises while in the tub | Fantastic baby shower and birthday gift idea

MiniOwls Bathtub Spout Cover
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   Electrical Appliances: While bathing or washing in the skin, keep plugged-in electrical appliances away from you and the water.
   Electrical Appliances: Place Plug Locks on the plugs of all loose plugs to prevent child from using.
   Tubs and Showers: Safer with non-skid mats and abrasive strips.
   Handrails: Should be installed in the wall over the tub.
   Tub Knobs: Protect child from bumps or turning on hot water with Tub Faucet Covers.
   Bath Toys: Place toys in a Bath Toy Bag, attached to wall of tub.
   Spills: Lotion and other liquid spills must be wiped up immediately.
   Use non-slip rugs and mats.

Image: Toilet-Seat-Belt | Baby Toilet Safety Lock | Installs in seconds with industrial strength adhesive | No tools or drilling required | Easy for an adult to open but difficult for a child

Baby Toilet Safety Lock
Click for more info: US | CA | UK

   Medicines: Should be clearly labelled. Always read labels.
   Medicine: Must be kept out of children's reach in cabinets locked with Cabinet Latches.
   Keep Bathroom Door closed.
   Toilet Seat and Cover: Keep down and secure with Velcro® Quik Locks or Toilet Locks.
   Bathwater: Check temperature.
   Extended Water Spout: Faucet Extenders allows children to wash their hands with ease.
   Never leave baby unattended in the bathroom.

Image: Babies R Us Adjustable Stove Guard | Protects little hands from scalds and burns | Protective stove guard to help protect little hands from reaching up to the stove | Removes easily when no longer needed

Babies R Us Adjustable Stove Guard
Click for more info: US | CA | UK


   Oven Door: Should be open before turning on gas to light it, if manually. Use an Oven Lock on the oven door and microwave to keep children out.
   Dry Hands Well: Before operating any electrical appliance. Shorten electrical cords with Cord Short'ners.
   Pan Handles: Turn handles away from front of stove, but not over another burner! Place a Stove Guard across front of stove.
   Stove Knobs: Remove stove knobs and store out of child's reach, or cover with Stove Knob Protectors.
   Potholders: Use them when necessary. Keep them dry, because wet ones get hot faster.
   Steam: Shield yourself, removing pan lids by lifting the far side first.
   Good, Even Lighting: At stove, sink and countertop, especially where you chop food, is a must.
   Climbing: Use only safe step stool or utility ladders - never chairs.
   Sharp Knives: Should have their own special racks or compartments. Use Cabinet and Door Latches.
   Knives: NEVER place in soapy dishpan - wash separately.
   Spills: Wipe them up immediately.
   Large or Heavy Appliances: Store on low shelves; lighter items on higher shelves.
   Household Cleaners, Disinfectants and Insecticides: Store in ORIGINAL CONTAINERS, in a locked cabinet away from children. Use bright poison labels. Better yet, buy less toxic alternatives.
   WAXING: Buff wax thoroughly or use self-polishing or non-skid wax.
   Oven and Boiler Pans: Keep clean and grease-free.
   Kitchen Matches: Store in closed metal containers.
   Refrigerators, Oven and Cabinets: Use Velcro® Quik Locks, Cabinet and Door Latches, Appliance Latches or Oven Locks.

Image: Secure Connect Home Electrical Safety Product | Protect your Child from dangerous outlets | Keep Appliance and Equipment plugs from being damaged | Easy To Use - You don't even have to loosen the wall plate

Secure Connect Home Electrical Safety Product
Click for more info: US | CA


   Good Air Circulation: Important, especially if working with solvents, paints, etc.
   Paint Thinners and Solvents: Store in metal cans. Glass jars may shatter.
   Versatile Lighting: Should provide ample illumination for all jobs.
   Oily Rags: Store in tight metal containers to prevent spontaneous combustion.
   Tools: Locked away out of children's reach.
   Power Tools: Keep safety guards in place. Keep them disconnected, or lock the power switch. Place Plug Locks on loose plugs, and Outlet Covers over plugged-in plugs.
   Tools: Should be properly grounded if they are not double insulated.
   Garden Tools: Should be returned to storage racks.
   While Operating a Car: Keep the garage door OPEN.
   Before Backing Out: Check area behind the car. Install a Back-Up Camera, and a Back Seat Baby Mirror to check on your little one.
   Use Cabinet and Door Latches on all doors and cabinets.
   Small Items: Store in labelled jars.

Image: Cozy Greens(r) Baby Car Mirror | Back Seat Rear-facing Infant In Sight | features shatter-proof safety surface | crash tested and certified to provide peace of mind | in the event of an accident, your little one is safe

Cozy Greens® Baby Car Mirror
Click for more info: US | CA | UK


   Gas and Water Lines: Tag for quick identification.
   Fuses and Circuit Breakers: Label them to show which outlets and fixtures they protect.
   Washer and Dryer: Need to be electrically grounded.
   Ironing Board: Use a metal ironing board, with a non-combustible pad.
   Cleaning Fluids, Drain Openers, Ammonia and Similar Items: Lock away, out of child's reach. Better yet, buy only non-toxic alternatives.
   Passageways and stairways: Keep clear and well-lit. Use Grip 'N Locks or Door Stoppers to keep doors from slamming on little fingers.
   Door Stops: Replace those dangerous two-piece door stops with a one-piece construction Door Stops.
   Bi-Fold Doors: Secure double-folding doors with a Bi-Fold Door Locks.
   Lock doors: Keep children out of restricted areas with Door Knob Covers.
   Lights and Switches: Should be positioned for easy access to avoid stumbling in the dark. Use Light Switch Extender to make it easy for child to reach light switches.

Image: Door Buddy Baby Proof Door Lock Plus Foam Finger Pinch Guard | Keep Baby Out of Room AND Prevent Door From Closing | Cats Enter Easily | No Tools Installation | Easy and Convenient to Use

Door Buddy BabyProof Door Lock
Click for more info: US | CA | UK


   Children's Swings, Slides and Other Outdoor Play Equipment: Maintain in safe condition. Use sand, wood chips, or other soft material underneath to protect children.
   Ladders: Should be in good condition. Loose rungs are dangerous.
   Ladders: NEVER use the top rung. Better yet, have someone steady the ladder.
   Clothesline: String it up well above head level.
   Yard: Broken glass, nail-studded boards and other littler must be cleared away.
   Walks and Driveways: Keep in good repair.


Image: The Fireplace Door Lock helps prevent hands and fingers from getting pinched in fireplace door | mounts over the handles of swinging or folding doors to lock them in place | Fireplace Lock Must be Removed in Order to Use Fireplace

Fireplace Door Lock
Click for more info: US | CA

   When Buying New Electrical Appliances: Be sure that wiring in kitchen and in other rooms is capable of delivering the extra current drawn by toasters, waffle irons, grills, hair dryers, heaters, etc. Place Plug Locks on loose plugs, Outlet Covers over plugged-in plugs.
   Replace cracked or frayed electrical power cords and extension cords.
   Ample wall outlets: For all your lamps, etc. AVOID octopus connections.
   Electrical Cords: Must be stored away from sharp objects which might cut them or cause a short circuit.
   UL (Underwriters Laboratories) or AGA (American Gas Association) labels on appliances.
   Fuses: Keep extras on hand.
   Flashlights: Place several throughout the house, where they can be easily found whenever there is a power failure. Avoid using candles.
   Electrical Outlets: Need Safety Plug Covers, especially where children are present.
   Smoke and Heat Detectors: Install on each floor with emergency lights over stairs and escape routes. Perform battery checks regularly.
   Storage Areas: Keep free of all combustibles, such as liquids, papers, rags, etc.
   Charcoal Lighter Fluid: Store in original container.
   Kitchen Matches: Store in tightly closed metal container, in a locked cabinet.
   Smokers: Large, deep ashtrays which must be kept out of children's reach. Better yet, only smoke outside. Best of all, QUIT!
   Kitchen Towel Racks: Mount away from stove.
   Space Heaters: Place them where they will not be tipped over, out of reach of children.
   Fire Extinguishers: Have them inspected and recharged when necessary.
   Fireplace: Use a screen to protect against flying sparks. Install a Fireplace Door Lock to keep little ones out. Do not leave a fire unattended.
   Fire Escape Plan In Case of Fire: Update and practise.
   Use Safety Plug Covers in ALL unused electrical outlets.
   Pets: Never leave a child with a pet unattended. To leave baby's door open when sleeping, but pets out, install a screen door on baby's room and keep it shut.
   Children: Place highly-visible Fire Rescue Decals in each child's window to mark it's location for fire-fighters, should fire strike.


We welcome your additions to this list of Safety Hints.


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